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Each student of the Aesthetic Communication in Practices course is now invited to write an individual interpretation about the one artwork chosen from Kunsthal Aarhus. After everyone has submitted his or her interpretation, you will be asked to vote among these various interpretations. You will be invited to assign a score to each interpretation from 0-3, including your own. The higher the number you score an interpretation; this would mean you like the interpretation and want it to be included in the final interpretation.

When the evaluation is over, the most appreciated interpretations will be highlighted and all the information about the authorship and who supported which interpretation is revealed. If a consensus is reached (one interpretation has been chosen out of all interpretations), the administrator can close the study. In case a consensus through the submitted interpretations is not achieved we will have a new iteration. The collected interpretations will be revised and rewritten by the authors in another iteration. We will have time to conduct in totally max. 5 iterations. One iteration includes: writing a new interpretation, based on the content of the highest voted interpretations and then vote). If you have questions or want to provide some feedback regarding the tool, you can write in here: http://aarhusartwork.opendcn.org/infodiscs/index/1

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Ideas for this scenario

The scenario isn't in the proposal gathering phase. Wait for the end of this iteration to submit your ideas.